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“Eh can’t believe we’re no butter”


While canvassing with Radical Independence in a scheme in Dundee (Fintry) we came across one aging woman.  It was the usual canvassing session a few good responses to start but then we got to her door.  I gave it a quick chap and prepared myself for the unknown. Continue reading


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Sanctimoniousness of CyberBrats

Image I recently saw a petition calling for Campbell Gunn (a Scottish civil servant) to be sack for his “smear” campaign against Better Together.  I also noticed the uproar this caused within the media and I noticed that this isn’t the first time that the Yes side have been attacked in the media for comments made against Better Together.  The Daily Mail even dedicated a whole article to “CyberNats” attacking politicians via social media.Image  To be fair these “attacks” were slaps on wrist at best compared to some of the things that appear in Alex Salmond’s and Nicola Sturgeon’s mentions feed on twitter.  This made me wonder why has there never been any attention given to comments made by “CyberBrats” towards Yes supporters?  Why is it that senior politician’s like Alistair Darling can get of Scot free by the media when he compared Alex Salmond, the democratically elected leader of Scotland, to Kim-jong-il? Image There seems to be one rule for Better Together and another for Yes Scotland, who if even dare to question anything published by a crony of Better Together are lampooned as bullies.  I’m not condoning vile comments made by Yes supporters towards No supporters because I am aware these people do exist and personally I feel they are not helping the cause of independence by attacking No supporters but there needs to be a balance of reporting.  For example a big deal was made about “vandalism” to a Labour MSPs office.  ImageThis vandalism turned out to be a Yes sticker but nothing was reported of Frankie Boyle’s home address being published on twitter by a No supporter, or about the tonne of death threats sent to Alex Salmond and other SNP and Yes supporters, nor was there a big deal made in the press Imageabout an 80 year old Yes campaigner who was physicallyImage assaulted by a woman in Edinburgh because she didn’t agree with his views on independence nor was any fuss made about David Torrence the SNP MSP for Kirkcaldy being attacked, again physically, by a unionist.  

The moral of the story: Don’t listen to the mainstream media.ImageImageImageImageImage


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Patriotic Paradox

Supporters of the union will often back up their views by telling us how “patriotic” they are along with how much they “love being Scottish”.  It’s something that can be heard in nearly every Better Together campaign advert.

For example this one here:

Despite being filled with untruths and misleading remarks; I’ll only focus on one thing.  The non-patriotic patriots.


Stephanie – So patriotic she’s against being a country.

Stephanie tells us that she’s voting against independence because she loves Scotland and is patriotic.  Along with Rebecca who ask’s why she “isn’t patriotic” for loving Scottish culture but being opposed to independence?  The truth is you can’t be patriotic if you are voting no in September.  This isn’t me being a raging nationalist who want’s to keep all the patriotism to myself, it’s just the truth.  How can someone be a “patriot” if they are against the one thing every other country takes for granted? Their sovereignty.  It’s all well and good loving your country’s culture but there’s American, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English, Welsh, Irish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, French, Italian, Australian, Tuvaluan, Mexican, and many other nationalities of people who love Scottish culture, who love Burns Poems, tartan, bagpipes and even haggis.  That doesn’t make them Scottish patriots nor does it make anyone from Scotland patriotic.  Now I’m no patriot I don’t believe in unquestionable loyalty to a piece of rock that I so happen to have been born on, but I am a Scottish Nationalist (Civic Nationalist) because I believe a government of a country should do what’s best for the citizens of that country.  Scottish independence (for me) isn’t about flags, or borders, or patriotism, or even Braveheart.  It’s about finally growing up, taking responsibility for ourselves, to stop being all bark and no bite and doing what the ~200 countries of the world do everyday.

Rebecca - Love's Scottish culture

Rebecca – Love’s Scottish culture